3 Tarot Cards I Misjudged

When first learning Tarot, I had some pretty biased views about a certain group of cards: The Horned One, The Lovers, and Death. After taking an honest look at why I didn’t like them and doing some research on the web, I’ve come to see that these cards aren’t so bad.

2015-09-03 15.21.19-1

The Horned One: An elderly, hooded figure with horns. The setting is misty, we are in the woods. There is an animal skull behind the old man, and a live wolf below and in front of him. The tree behind him is gnarled and sinister looking.

After dropping bias: Taking a good look at the card, I stop being put off by it and become put at ease. The old man is a universal symbol of knowledge. I personally view the wolf as a symbol of calm strength and comradeship. And trees, no matter how ugly, are a symbol of life. And just like that, The Horned One becomes one of the most pleasant-looking cards I own.

After web browsing for a bit, I found out that this card is more of a warning than a judgment call. Remembering your physical nature, but not being ashamed of it, tempering your ambition with realism, a warning not to lose our spiritual and emotional selves in the physical.

2015-09-03 15.18.05-1The Lovers: A woman in a man’s lap, there on a throne. A red curtain with angel detail behind them.  A serpent and fire are present.

After dropping bias: With this card, I was more disinterested with it than distrusting. Giving it some fair attention however, I started thinking. ‘Why can’t it represent a union of ideas instead of people?’

The Lovers can actually mean just that. It can also be representational of choices, as well as a calling for balance.

2015-09-03 15.20.28-1Death: Your typical death figure on a white horse with a pack of dogs leading the way. We’re in the misty woods again with some somber looking leaves and bushes. Death is equipped with a bow and arrow.

After dropping bias: Death is supposed to be scary, right? But why is it glowing? It even has a halo. And those dogs and white steed just strike me as calming.

A sudden change in your worldview can be seen as a mini-death, right? You’ve changed yourself quite a bit and a new you has been born, so to speak. This can also mean certain parts of you, certain opinions and habits, need to be ‘killed off’ so that you can lead a better, more fulfilling life.


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