Intuition In Tarot

While giving myself daily one card readings, I’ve come to understand the importance of intuition. Meaning that my gut feeling about a card would sometimes relay more accurate information than the more widely accepted interpretation. One day the Queen of Wands may look like people and the universe are out to keep you from your goals, other times, it will look like the complete opposite: a guiding force into your aspirations. The subconscious mind can tell you what you need to know with or without help. The images displayed in a tarot cards however, can more easily bring out these subconscious messages. When doing a reading, write any impressions you have first, then look up the card’s meaning. Do you get a nagging feeling that the card’s meaning is bunk and should be ignored? Or do you feel a connection between your initial thoughts and the interpretation? Whether you end up using your own advice over the card’s, or combine the two, it is important to remember to trust yourself. Delving into your psyche is a highly personal experience with you at the center: you are your best guide.


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