Journaling For Self-Awareness

The act of journaling can be revealing. Just writing down your worries, what you experienced that day, the emotions you felt, is usually a reward in and of itself. But why not delve a little deeper? Why not, instead of just writing out every detail of your day, you analyze it as well.
Talking to yourself may seem a little strange at first, but really, it’s quite cathartic. So go ahead and argue back and forth with yourself. Call yourself names, then defend yourself. Make a case for why you acted out, then another stating you were in the wrong. Giving yourself differing points of view to work with can help you see the bigger picture. It can also increase empathy if you dutifully act out a situation from another’s point of view.
Another benefit is clearing your head. Getting everything out onto paper and putting that little bit of distance between you and your thoughts creates a clean slate. With a clear head you can now begin to really look at what you’ve been feeling instead of just sitting in it, letting it stew. And this is where your critical thinking comes in.
Now that everything is out in the open, you can start to feel new things, think new things. From this state of critical awareness you can see where you’ve been, where you are, and where you wish to go.


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