What is fulfillment?

For my next post I wanted to write about fulfillment, but as I was looking for articles on it I noticed a trend. First, when I looked up the phrase “what is fulfillment”, all I got were business links and tips. So I tried “what is fulfillment in life”. However, all I got from that search were articles and blog posts about allowing God into your life. So, after two failed attempts I just asked myself instead of Google – What is fulfillment? Or more specifically – What is fulfillment to me? And I found my answer to be pretty simple. Fulfillment is getting up in the morning and being enthusiastic about what I have planned for the day. It’s facing a task without a sense of foreboding. It’s enjoying the swirl of creation that goes on in my mind as I contemplate how to do the deed before me. For me, work is not an option. For me, I’d much rather play at life, seeing and enjoying what it is I can make and how. For me, fulfillment is that little swirl of energy in my chest that forms at the prospect of a new canvas. For me, fulfillment is the driving force behind my day to day existence.


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