Self-help vs. Outside Help

With all the self-help articles, books, and blogs out there, it’s clear that self-reliance is a thing (a highly touted thing) that many people are turning to nowadays. Yet, at the same time, the people who buy the books and read the blogs are actually asking for help from an outside source. They don’t know what their problem(s) really is, they just have a general idea: money, weight, love, friends. But what if they actually knew what their problem was? What if, instead of the general idea, they knew how to pinpoint the problem exactly? Wouldn’t that make things so much easier? Wouldn’t that be giving them a way in? A way to fight whatever monster they’re up against head-to-head?

So which is better? Solving the problem yourself, or asking for help to solve it? Both! If you need a head start, that’s fine. I do that all the time. I look at other people’s stories who have had, or still have, the problems I’m still facing. Hearing how they did things and what it’s done for them, how they’re living now, it all inspires me, gives me ideas. Plus, another side-affect of looking into all of this is that sometimes, not only do I see my own monsters more clearly, I find out that my monster is a completely different one and I never would have noticed had I not looked closely at the life of someone else.

I think to really help yourself you can’t shut yourself up. I mean, yes, that can and does work (speaking from personal experience), but sometimes the stories that are already out there that others are so graciously sharing can be an indispensable springboard. To see how, when, and why people did the things they did is eye-opening. And best of all it gives you courage to do the same.


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