A Change in the Cycle

As of late, I can no longer allow myself to ache for the things I long to do, as I mentioned in an earlier post. That pain is now a thing I fear. It no longer uplifts me to put myself through that misery. I know some people will claim this is a cop-out; I myself am guilty of this accusation on my worst, my most bitter, days. However, of late, I have taken to talking to my guides and angels more seriously. I’ve believed in them for years now but thought it was wrong, a.k.a weak of me, to ask for help from a ‘higher power’. I believed I had to suffer to gain the most measly of rewards – a slight reprieve from my pain. I no longer want to, nor believe I should, carry on with life in this way. I am coming to understand that it’s okay to say “help me” to our most intimate partners for our most severe and intimate problems.


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