We Are All Treasures

Your body is made up of the stars. I’m sure everyone’s heard that before. But it’s true. The universe is within us. We are just as poignant and meaningful as the stars.

How many people belive they have no purpose, no worth? Too many, I’m sure. And I’m sure because I’m one of them. I have to constantly remind myself that even if I don’t think I have a life-purpose, I do have worth. I have power, I am a power, in my own right.

What we think of ourselves is how we’ll act. What we think of ourselves will affect not only how we treat ourselves, but how others treat us. If you’re constantly thinking how you aren’t worthy of this or that, most likely, you aren’t going to try very hard. Not only that, but people will start to push you out of the way. If you don’t want what you’re in line for why shouldn’t they? So take charge of your life. Tell yourself not only what you want, but the story of how you’ll get it. Our lives are stories penned by us alone. So start writing, dictating, drawing; bring yourself to life. Your story can improve with only little changes at a time, so there’s no reason to overhaul and overstress yourself. Change your diet one food at a time. Change your social life one class or group event at a time. Do little things here and there, all one at a time. Give yourself the time necessary to change. Don’t expect everything to happen all at once, but at the same time, strive to change something if not everything. Take charge of your life story.

Then there’s the outside. Don’t think of what’s beyond you as the enemy; think of it as an ally. The universe can, and will, easily support you if you let it. Life supports life; never be afraid to ask for help. If you really need something it will come to you, but only if you are the catalyst. If you never ask, you will never receive. So ask away. Again: life supports life. There is nothing for you to fear.

Change your story, change your life. Our thoughts and actions have an effect, not only on ourselves, but the world at large. Whatever you think will be. If you can remember that then you’ll be on top of the world. “I’m going to fail this test/interview”; “I won’t pass/be promoted”; “He/She won’t like me”; “I’m a terrible person/student/worker/spouse/partner”. It’s thoughts like these that keep us down. Just try, try, to think the opposite of what you usually think. To think positive about yourself. It will change you.


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