The Wear and Tear of a Healthy Life

Life is full of ups and downs. But that’s not really important; no, what’s really important is how we navigate those ups and downs. How and why we go through life determines what happens to our endurance and how long it can last. How and why we go through life determines how well we handle the changes that come with life. How and why we go through life allows us to open the gates of acceptance.
Our endurance for life can be fragile, especially if your mentally ill. But if there’s a reason you’re still here, then you can fight for your place. Having a reason gives you strength. Having a reason lifts you up. Even if it’s only daily goals, give yourself a reason to be here. It can be as simple as making checklists of what’s in the house or what needs to be done in the house.

With any illness, there will be good and bad days. Days where we feel on top of the world, days where we’re drowning in seas unimaginable. So make a lifeboat. Friends and family members that you trust should be informed when you feel you can’t handle your own care for the day. There’s no reason to be ashamed when asking for help. We all need it sometimes. Let those you trust be your pillars of strength.

Life is always changing around us. We are always changing to keep up. But sometimes life, and especially ourselves, stagnate. When this happens ask yourself why. Why am I not moving forward? Maybe, the answer is because it’s time for you to reflect on what’s passed and what is to come. Stillness does not equal the absence of progress. In fact, stillness often promotes progress. Seizing these still moments is key to a hectic-free life. When we’re still we reflect, when we reflect we realize, when we realize we act. The wheel keeps on turning.

Accepting the curve-balls life throws at us can be hard, but it’s necessary. Ask yourself: Why am I here today? It doesn’t have to be a grand reason and it doesn’t have to be a long-term reason. Just for today, just for this moment, why are you here? Accept that sometimes you won’t have an answer. Accept that some days will be harder than most. Accept that you are an ever-forming fossil of proof that you survived.


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