Stitching My Life Together

My life is a mess. I can’t work. I can’t go to school. I can’t be around people, not even small groups. I can’t even be alone. My illness has pervaded every inch of my life and thoroughly thrashed it.

But I’ve been blessed (and I use that term lightly) with several hospital stays and truly blessed by a recent out-patient program. With all that under my belt I was bound to walk away with something of use. For starters, I am learning to look at my illness objectively, ‘through the picture frame’ if you will. But more importantly, I’m learning to live.

What stitches me together is medication, therapy, my support group, and a budding self-awareness. What I am made of is tangled, cut up, strewn upon the floor, but, I see it and can pick it up whenever I choose. When I’m ready I’ll take this tangled, cut up mess and slowly weave and stitch it back together.


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