Blessings In Conspicuous Disguise

So, here is my report for the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge.

I found myself being grateful for even the painful and unfortunate parts of my life. Example: neighbors at my previous address criminally harassed us until finally my mom gave up trying to deal with them and we moved. The house is too expensive which led my mother to Habitat For Humanity. Now, we will be getting a brand spanking new house for much cheaper, all because we got harassed by our neighbors.

Of course, there were also days when the fog of my depression was so thick I could find nothing to be grateful for. On days like that I would look over my diary to remind myself of the things I had written on previous days.

And of course, there were good days. Days where I could think of five or more things that prompted gratitude.

What I’ve learned from this challenge is that there is always a light behind the curtains, so to speak, if we’re willing to just take a peek.


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