Something I think I have in common with a lot of people is the fear of change. I just don’t handle it well. When I get used to something I get lulled into familiarity. And then, when that familiarity leaves me, I’m given a shock.

When situations or people change, and they inevitably will, I am forced to either accept the change or fight the change. No one can fight change. It’s a losing battle each and every time. Despite that knowledge I still have moments where I catch myself fighting a one-sided war.

I talked briefly in another post about acceptance, and I think it’s relevant here as well. Acceptance in a broader sense that is. Everything will one day change. Nothing stays the same forever, even if I wish it did. Change is good. Change is a powerful reminder that things can and do get either better or worse.

Because we are capable of change (ourselves and our situations) we can always choose the better route. Even when things seem good, you can always do better. And that’s what I need to constantly remind myself of. That I can not only accept change, I can affect change and use that change for the betterment of my life.


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