Attend To What Is Before You

“Attend to what is before you.” It’s a line from one of The Seth Books. It means, in order to see a more peaceful and fulfilling world we need to be more mindful of our own little corner of that world.

“Attend to what is before you.” Well okay but, what is before you? As a whole, us humans like to plan. And planning involves thinking ahead and predicting others’ actions. But to attend to what is before you means to shut up this natural inclination of plan-making and predictions. It means to stay wholly in the present at all times.

To attend to something is to be mindful. To be mindful is to be present. To be present is to cut all ties with our worry for the future. To stop worrying about the future frees up mental space that can be dedicated to mindfulness.

The present moment is all that we can handle because it’s all that’s there. The future isn’t here yet, so why worry about it. The same goes for other people. We don’t control others, so why worry about what others are doing? Trust that, like you, they are attending to their own present moments.


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