Total Control

How many of you realize we have total control of our lives? We are obliged to answer to no one. The only one who controls us, is us.

Our thoughts and feelings lead us, and choice is the greatest weapon in our arsenal. We choose whether or not we are healthy or sickly. We choose whether we succeed or fail. We choose the course our life takes.

You are not at the mercy of outside forces. The saying that we control our destiny isn’t new, but a lot of us ignore it. Why? Probably because we feel inundated with the expectations of the outside world, such as family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. But again, why? What others see in us is nowhere near as important as what we see in ourselves.
One small choice can sometimes be all you need to effect a larger change in lifestyle. Start eating healthier meals; go for daily walks, even if it’s just for ten minutes; get up and move around or stretch every hour; start that novel you’ve been mulling over in your head by writing 500 words a day, you get the gist. Small steps toward any change are huge leaps towards progress and are great for your self-esteem.

As for your inner critic, you’ll not only have to develop a thick skin but also learn to bring down the hammer when enough is enough. Learn not to beat up on yourself too much. While it’s good to be critical of our selves and work (how else would we progress?), there is a limit. So when you feel your inner critic crossing the line it’s time to bring down the proverbial hammer on its head.

As for outside critics, there’s honestly no reason why you should have to put up with them. It may seem harsh and a bit drastic but trust me. You don’t need that negativity in your life. So cut the people who are always second-guessing you loose. As for the people who are strongly in your camp, keep them as close as possible.

Change is a choice, and a powerful one at that. Exercising our freewill when it comes to our lives is one of the greatest attributes we have, so use it liberally.


One thought on “Total Control

  1. Powerful post. People these days are too willing to blame external forces for internal problems. It’s like no one wants to take responsibility or accountability for anything – neither their success, nor their failures.


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