Be A Journeyman, Not A Treasure Seeker

We are all on a journey. No maps, no compasses. Just our intuition and desires guide us. What we want from life is never as easy as finding the X on a treasure map. Once one treasure is found we are bound to yearn for something more. Hence, we are on a never-ending quest of fulfillment. But hunting treasure after treasure can be exhausting. But I encourage you to never give up.

While achieving a goal can be exhilarating, that high is eventually going to temper itself. Enough tempering and you might get fed up which leads to less enthusiasm when your next goal is decided on. Instead of waiting for a certain moment in time to celebrate, why not celebrate the journey as well?

One way to do this is to just become aware of what it is you’re doing and learning in order to reach the next X on your treasure map. Whatever that may be, fully immerse yourself in the experience. Once you do that you won’t even be thinking of your next goal, which is a good thing. It means you’re fully enjoying the little steps in between.

To enjoy the process as much as the finished result is a blessing that you should never deprive yourself of. Enjoy like and all its little moments.


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